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iPort Rail Rail Freight Terminal Doncaster UK
iPort Sea Connectivity

Junction 3 of the M18 motorway is directly connected to iPort via the newly constructed Great Yorkshire Way, while the M18/A1M intersection is just two miles away.

iPort has a direct connection to the South Yorkshire Joint Line, can accept Euro Gauge container traffic and connects into the national Strategic Freight Network at Doncaster.


iPort Rail


Sitting within iPort, this independently operated, 30-acre, high volume, secure container site offers state-of-the-art facilities as well as quick and effective links to the national and international freight networks, designed to speed up connections and minimise downtime.


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The UK’s major deep-water ports can be accessed via both the UK rail and motorway networks. All four of the country’s biggest sea freight ports are within four hours’ drive time.

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In total, 60.4 million people – 91% of the UK population – live within four hours’ drive-time of iPort. The four main UK container ports are all within four hours’ drive-time.


iPort has a strong local workforce with ample capacity for future growth. Further demographics information is available on request.