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iPort Rail

Providing a truly multi-modal logistics solution, iPort Rail is fully operational and connects into the existing UK rail network via South Yorkshire Joint Freight Line.

Its unique rail positioning and design offers quick and efficient logistics connectivity to all parts of the UK reachable via the national rail network, and direct access with important European markets.

The state-of-the art facility offers:

  • Maximum UK train length capacity at 775m
  • 1 x 800m reception siding
  • 2 x 400m length handling sidings
  • Head-shunt and refuge siding
  • Capacity to handle up to 6 trains per day
  • Channel Tunnel (SACTFF) approved secure facility for international movements

Adjacent to the sidings will be the iPort apron which offers a minimum of 420m long and 15m wide. The apron will accommodate HGV traffic with a maximum axle weight of 50 tonnes and will allow reach stackers to operate with a front axle load of up to 115 tonnes.

The apron is designed to accommodate a four-high container stack with a maximum load of 122 tonnes.

Adjacent to the apron will be a container storage area which will accommodate three aisles each at least 15 m wide with a three-high stack with a maximum load of 95 tonnes, 1,500 containers in total.