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Labour Market Data


Total Population Working age Population
JSA Claimants
Doncaster 290,600 184,600 15,500
Yorkshire and Humber 5,301,300 3,460,900 825,000

Salary Data

Job Title Salary Range
Warehouse Operative £13,671 – 22,799
Fork Lift Truck Driver £11,594 – 21,565
HGV Driver £14,492 – 25,995
Warehouse Shift Manager £17,581 – 33,380
Transport Supervisor £20,008 – 38,422
Logistics Administrator £16,250 – 33,186
Transport Manager £21,598 – 40,928
Gross weekly pay in Doncaster is 8% below the national average for the UK. Hourly wage rates are 11% below the national average for the UK.


MVQ Level 2 and above 61% of working age population
NVQ level 4 19% of working age population

What is the unemployment rate in Doncaster and how does this compare to the national average?

Doncaster UK
Males 11.4% 8.4%
Females 10.7% 6.9%
Source: Nomis

Financial Assistance

Funding options

Funding sources and financial incentives that are currently available and that may be of interest to your company include:

  • Regional Growth Fund (RGF) Opens link in new window
  • European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Opens link in new window
  • Grant for Business Investment (GBI) Opens link in new window
  • Joint European support for sustainable investment in city areas (JESSICA) [Soft Loan] Opens link in new window

Rail Grant Funding:

The Mode Shift Revenue Support scheme assists companies with the operating costs associated with running rail freight transport instead of road. Grant funding is subject to criteria and may be withdrawn at any time.

Low Carbon Funding:

We will provide assistance with and access to CO2Sense to help maximise the opportunities for a green building including advice on rain water harvesting, wind turbines and solar power. Subject to detailed discussions financial incentives may be available for the installation of green energy equipment such as biomass boilers.

Business Rates Support:

Business rates assistance is subject to eligibility and each case is reviewed on an individual basis.

State aid:

All business assistance is subject to state aid rules.

These currently (under the de-minimus rules) permit DMBC to award a maximum relief of 200,000 euro’s over 3 years.

This means that DMBC have to consider any support already received from any public resource (central or local). The amount relates to the total business, therefore, it would include any relief awarded to any part of the company wherever the location.

Data December 2013